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 White House, Embassy, And Charity Mansions Win Hearts And Minds For Sponsors

Honored sponsors can dramatically support Family Receptions with mansion themed venues.   Each room in the Mansions is dedicated to the promotion of an honored sponsor or hero like an award show gifting suite.  Honored White Houses, Embassies, Charity Mansions, school sweepstakes, raffles, contests and priceless receptions are bespoke to award guests to win hearts and minds.  Weekly produced honored private receptions may include; fashion shows, film festivals, sporting events, contests, and virtually anything that will thrill guests and family receptions and win sponsors fame, glory, hearts, minds, and generational loyalty.

Family designed mansion receptions include festivities chosen by guests like themed napkins, gifts, party favors, gift cards, and exclusive shopping experiences in malls hosted by local celebrities and sponsoring heroes after, during or before hours.  Charity Mansions are to celebrate a family's personal, private, and now publicly recognized success and generosity.  Each experience is a sponsored personal reception featuring personal filmmakers and screenwriters pulling all the strings.  All reception volunteers, guests, and sponsors can inspire the most personally thrilling experiences to win scholarships, fellowships, awards and life-long relationships.  High ticket items like luxury cars, boats, and toys can be given generous "test drives" by heroes sharing their luxury assets that can be purchased by auction during the GenerUosity Awards on each New Year's Eve.   Gifting suites are awarded by each mansion's honored

underwriting committee and voted to be the most generous offerings for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, memorials, holidays, or other honored occasions. 

Celebrity, Sports, And Brand Honored Mansion Makeovers

Each mansion can honor world leaders past or present, brands, celebrities, sports teams, and unlimited local businesses who care enough to contribute to the fun. Underwriting receptions and sponsors are requested with personal permission from any Charity Mansion owner(s) with in-kind or cash upgrades.  Designer Receptions are "made to order" for all guests.  All who gather at the mansion are deemed family volunteers and sign in with their Volunteer Wallets to get every sponsor's best offers to live like billionaires for the day and more.   

All personal films and pictures can be professionally compiled to promote and lobby for nominations during the 2018 Generosity Awards season.  Filmmakers pay families royalties to promote the mansion's sponsors in personally designed advertisements.  Reception guests approve their personal film appearances with paid permission to win hearts and minds throughout the year.  Compilations are offered for distribution to celebrate sponsors...during the GenerUosity Awards.  All films are produced personally for families.  Commercial use offers must be paid royalties to the families.

Honored Brand Sponsors Win Hearts And Minds

Honored Brand Employees Recognize Heroes 

Ambassadors Lives Like Billionaires

Ambassadors Serve Honored Brands With Mansion Makeovers

*All Celebrities Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

World Leading Luxury - Celebrity Themed - Honored Brand Inspired 

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Family Fundraising Receptions

Honored Celebrities

Win Hearts And Minds With Family Fundraising 


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Family Fundraising Receptions 

Receptions Serve Ad Campaigns To Win Hearts And Minds For Sponsors

Your Family Receptions And Vacations

*All Brands Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

Honored Generosity Awards

Private Fundraisers Benefit The Oscars, Grammys, And Emmys

With America's Most Generous Fundraising Prizes, Films, Art, Music & Culture!

Honored Brand Volunteers Serve Celebrities And Sponsors With Fundraising Receptions...

Honored Receptions Change Lives To Celebrate And Advertise Honored Brand Sponsors

All  Contributors Get To Live Like Honored Heroes

*All Celebrities Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

What's Your Honored G Score?

See Honored ABC Good Morning America To Find Deserving Heroes And Advice

What Men and Women Want In Their Families, Sponsors, And Friends...

Strength - Decisiveness - Maturity - Consistency

*All Brands Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

GenerUosity Awards

Local Advisory Boards Win Honored Brand Loyalty, Hearts, And Minds...



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Fan Club Volunteers Can Serve Everyone With Endless Fundraising Film Premieres...

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Each Top Bid Winning Family Gets To Design A Brand Sponsored, Private Family Reception,

Press Releases, Family E-zines, School Sweepstakes, Gifting Suites, Games, Raffles, Contests, And Prizes In

Honored White House, Embassy, Or Charity Mansion Makeovers Featuring Sports, Celebrity, And NonProfit Hosts 

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Receptions Serve Mansion Owners  ... Sponsors Win Hearts And Minds

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Featuring Honorary...

White House, Embassy, & Charity Mansion Makeovers

 "Weapons Of Mass Generosity With Collateral  Benefits"

  Honored White House, Embassy, And Charity Mansion 

Owners Win Makeovers, All Costs, Public Recognition, And Gifts


 Ambassadors, Artists, Filmmakers, Celebrities, Party Planners, And Media Experts, 

Relationships, Family Films, Hospitality, Fellowships, Careers Upgrades, Recognition, And GenerUosity Awards 

*All Celebrities Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

White House, Embassy, And Charity Mansion Makeovers

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American Express? Los Angeles?  Miami?  NYC?  GoFundMe?  Red Cross?  PGA?  MLB?   

La La Land?  Black Panther?  #MeToo?  NRA?  FOX?  NBC?   Netflix?  Burger King?  McDonald's?

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