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100% of contributions change lives and promote sponsors as "fundraising heroes".  
Everyone should know sponsors deserve to live like heroic billionaires

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Earned Cash, Respect, Lifelong Relationships, Priceless Film & Hospitality Experiences, 

Future Job Prospects, Prestigious Awards, Guest Recognition, Retirement Funds,

Scholarships, And Retirement Funds To Honor Personal Fundraising Achievements! 

All Contributions Are Paid To Donor Chosen Causes!


One Million Fan Club Designed, Brand Sponsored, Advertising Supported

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Retirement, Memorial, And Holiday Receptions!

Win A Fundraising Fan Club

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SCP Awards Fan Club Fundraising Resources To Aspiring Donors, Students, And Retirees.  SCP Provides Fan Club

Designed, Brand Sponsored, Celebrity Themed Receptions, Business Services, Credit And Debit Card Awards, Zip Code Size School Sweepstakes, Sponsor Gifting Suites, Local Treasure Hunts, Raffles, Contests, and Financing For America's White House, Embassy & Charity Mansion Makeovers!

White House, Embassy, And Charity Mansion Makeovers

News Media Fundraising Prize Centers

White House, Embassy, and Charity Mansion Makeovers

Charity Mansion Receptions, Raffles, Treasure Hunts, And Zip Code Sweepstakes

Fan Clubs Design Donor Bids To Celebrate Fundraising!

 Fan Club Advisory Boards


Expert Legal Advice -  Fellowships In Commerce - Fan Club Awards - Donor Designed Receptions

All prizes are locally conceived and nationally distributed to design $50K+ bids for privately designed fundraising receptions...

Smart Card Professionals (SCP) provides comprehensive legal representation, banking services, and fan club business services to form a near perfect union to benefit non-profits with collaborating celebrities, brands, media, extreme hospitality and thousands of fan clubs.  All stakeholders are offered complimentary sponsorships for mansion designed fundraising receptions.  SCP offers 4 decades of leadership in popular cash management services, payments, gifting, loyalty, and fundraising incentives supported by powerful financial institutions and businesses.

SCP has evolved a 20-year objective and strategies to institutionalize and popularize fundraising into a well-organized team of fan clubs offering liability insurances, seed capital, lending facilities, legal counsel, and commercial cash management services.  SCP's legal advisors will engage unlimited local sponsors to support big brands with extraordinary assets and dynamic collaborations to design clubs that can change the world, one $50K personal fundraiser at a time.  SCP is like Go Fund Me with brand-sponsored professional fundraising support.

Live Like Billionaires is a mission statement pledged by all, provided to all, proven in films, celebrated with awards, and real-time G Score systems.    Acts of generosity are recorded, posted to participating personal accounts, and used to win mansion-sized prizes, school sweepstakes, treasure hunts, raffles, and a well-organized sponsorship process.  New and improved fan clubs can now be trusted, profitable, productive, and more meaningful family businesses or non-profits.  Branded Fundraising Prize Centers can now be used to fundraise privately for any approved cause, event, or reception online 24/7/365.

Designer bids allow donors and members the time to nominate brands, banks, sports teams, mansion owners, non-profits, celebrities, and local fan club members to share luxury fundraising resources.  Sponsors are custom designed into the bid before the donations are paid directly to non-profits. Donations can be made contingent on any aspect of the prizes.  Designer bids must be approved by the club's legal Ambassadors that curate the features to thrill big givers and guests and promote the club's heroic co-sponsors.  

Every dime families donate gets to make a difference for others in need.  All donations are paid directly to donor chosen causes. Payment is privately agreed to and valid for any date in the future.  Ultimately, no offer to contribute will go unrecognized and every innovative reward will be celebrated in branded advertising films.

Apple Fan Club Films & Prizes Inspires Everyone to Live Like Billionaires

Emma Stone 

Fan Club

Fundraising Prizes

Fan Club Designed - Celebrity Themed - Big Brand Sponsored 

Embassies - Mansions - Makeovers -Vacations - Receptions - Premieres - Sweepstakes


Embassy & Mansion Makeovers   Fellowships In Film And Hospitality   Charity Mansion Receptions

Zip Code School Sweepstakes  Film Premieres & Underwriting Receptions   2018 Generosity Awards

Embassy & Mansion Makeovers   Fellowships In Film And Hospitality   Charity Mansion Receptions

Zip Code School Sweepstakes Film Premieres & Underwriting Receptions   2018 Generosity Awards

Fan Club Sponsors Live Like Heroes

Ambassadors Live Like Billionaires

Fan Clubs Save Lives and Recognize Heroes

Be Better Billionaires With A Better Banking Bureau

Fan Clubs Serve Billion Dollar Ad Campaigns With Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...

100% of contributions change lives and promote sponsors as "fundraising heroes".  
Everyone should know sponsors deserve to live like heroic billionaires

What's Your Personal G Score?

Fan Clubs Serve Celebrities With Big G Scores And Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...

Justin Bieber

Fan Club

Fundraising Prizes

Fan Clubs Serve The Best Authors With Charity Mansion Makeovers In Brand Sponsored Birthdays With Personalized Books For The Ages...

Better Banking Bureau

 Do You Want To Compete and Collaborate With Fan Clubs...

Fan clubs will "sell out" their rewarding receptions for 50+ Guests.  The only 3 questions are: 1) Which cities will be requested most by top bidders?  Try Rome, NYC, Laguna, LA, Miami, Vancouver, Tokyo, Paris, London, and more... 2) What impossible features can Ambassadors, Fellows, Artists, And Chefs design for their heroes?  3) Are You heroic?

The Beatles Inspire World-Wide Generosity... BeatlesFundraisingPrizes.org!

Fan Clubs Serve Celebrities With Big G Scores And Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...


Fundraising Prizes​​

Aspiring Club Members Serve Billion Dollar Advertisers

Fan Clubs Serve Billion Dollar Film Premieres With Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...

Freidman Fan Clubs - Baker Fan Clubs - Schlesinger Fan Clubs - Goodwin Fan Clubs

Fan Club Fundraising Prizes


An Audience Of Big Givers, Families, Friends, And Their Personal Sponsors

Volunteers, Nominees, Hosts, and Future Winners Of The 2018 Generosity Awards 

Bespoke Gifting Platforms Serve All Guests & Honorees

Big Givers and Guests Get "One Of A Kind & Bespoke"  Branded Birthday Receptions... 

Professional Concierge Services And Private Mansion Receptions

Design "Impossible" Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Memorials, Retirements and Holiday Receptions?

Volunteer Heroes Win Extraordinary Scholarships and Retirement Funds

FriedmanFundraisingPrizes.org  BakerFundraisingPrizes.org   SchlesingerFundraisingPrizes.org  GoodwinFundraisingPrizes.org

Space Reserved For The Stone Family Nominations...

What's Your G Score?

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Charity Mansion Fundraising Prizes

Emma Stone Fundraising Prizes...

White House, Embassy and Charity Mansion Makeovers... 

Mansion Film Premiere Receptions, Raffles, Treasure Hunts, 

And Zip Code School Sweepstakes!

Beatles Fundraising Heroes 


Generosity Awards



Ambassadors Live Like Billionaires


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