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What's Your G Score?

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SCP Awards Fan Club Fundraising Resources To Aspiring Donors, Students, And Retirees.  SCP Provides Fan Club

Designed, Brand Sponsored, Celebrity Themed Receptions, Business Services, Credit And Debit Card Awards, Zip Code Size School Sweepstakes, Sponsor Gifting Suites, Local Treasure Hunts, Raffles, Contests, and Financing For America's White House, Embassy & Charity Mansion Makeovers!

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White House, Embassy, and Charity Mansion Makeovers

Charity Mansion Receptions, Raffles, Treasure Hunts, And Zip Code Sweepstakes

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Expert Legal Advice -  Fellowships In Commerce - Fan Club Awards - Donor Designed Receptions

All prizes are locally conceived and nationally distributed to design $50K+ bids for privately designed fundraising receptions...

Smart Card Professionals (SCP) provides comprehensive legal representation, banking services, and fan club business services to form a near perfect union to benefit non-profits with collaborating celebrities, brands, media, extreme hospitality and thousands of fan clubs.  All stakeholders are offered complimentary sponsorships for mansion designed fundraising receptions.  SCP offers 4 decades of leadership in popular cash management services, payments, gifting, loyalty, and fundraising incentives supported by powerful financial institutions and businesses.

SCP has evolved a 20-year objective and strategies to institutionalize and popularize fundraising into a well-organized team of fan clubs offering liability insurances, seed capital, lending facilities, legal counsel, and commercial cash management services.  SCP's legal advisors will engage unlimited local sponsors to support big brands with extraordinary assets and dynamic collaborations to design clubs that can change the world, one $50K personal fundraiser at a time.  SCP is like Go Fund Me with brand-sponsored professional fundraising support.

Live Like Billionaires is a mission statement pledged by all, provided to all, proven in films, celebrated with awards, and real-time G Score systems.    Acts of generosity are recorded, posted to participating personal accounts, and used to win mansion-sized prizes, school sweepstakes, treasure hunts, raffles, and a well-organized sponsorship process.  New and improved fan clubs can now be trusted, profitable, productive, and more meaningful family businesses or non-profits.  Branded Fundraising Prize Centers can now be used to fundraise privately for any approved cause, event, or reception online 24/7/365.

Designer bids allow donors and members the time to nominate brands, banks, sports teams, mansion owners, non-profits, celebrities, and local fan club members to share luxury fundraising resources.  Sponsors are custom designed into the bid before the donations are paid directly to non-profits. Donations can be made contingent on any aspect of the prizes.  Designer bids must be approved by the club's legal Ambassadors that curate the features to thrill big givers and guests and promote the club's heroic co-sponsors.  

Every dime families donate gets to make a difference for others in need.  All donations are paid directly to donor chosen causes. Payment is privately agreed to and valid for any date in the future.  Ultimately, no offer to contribute will go unrecognized and every innovative reward will be celebrated in branded advertising films.

Fan Club Volunteers Serve Billion Dollar Ad Campaigns With Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...

Fan Club Volunteers Serve Billion Dollar Ad Campaigns With Million Dollar Fundraising Prizes...

What's Your Personal  & Professional G Score?

ReCapitalizing America...

One Personal Fundraising Reception At A Time!

With Billions In Fundraising Prizes

Coca-Cola's Amazing Classic Old/New Marketing Scheme

Atlanta businessman, Asa Chandler created the first coupon in 1887.  At the time, you couldn't question that a "free glass of Coke" was a hit but was it for the simply handwritten coupons or the "extreme generosity" the coupon represented in its time.


Chandler’s invention transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into the world's most popular soft drink. Between 1894 and 1913, an estimated one-in-nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola.  In seven short years, Coca-Cola was being served in every state and on its way to pop culture dominance. 

This fabled story about soft drinks in the 1800s is seen evident today on Facebook's, Google's, and Linkedin's stories of extreme generosity.  Those unicorns set a new promotional standard which served everyone without profits they knew they could have but chose to build a "free advertising based" service that their customers will love and enjoy because it's free and very popular with your friends.  

Think again...even the most socially important brands can be held to account for an unintended product or social injustice caused by employees, agents, competitors, and even airline safety officers.  Anyone with profits is a target for a public shaming in the media at any time.  Generous sponsors are now just a few clicks away from an employee's actions producing losses for investors and the brand's overall value. The wealthiest and most powerful corporations seem to have nothing to respond to this looming threat except corporate press releases.

Well-organized third-party fundraising fan clubs will respond quickly.  "Extreme generosity' can be used by SCP's crisis teams equipped with dispute resolution skills that produce social awareness of the problem, recognition of the all victims, respect, apologies, and fundraising prizes for the offended parties and public contests, games, and prizes to develop the best solutions in the future. 

Are free Coke coupons going to cut it today?  We all love coupons and personalized deals!  Airlines and hotel loyalty schemes gave us points which are just "pennies from heaven" from the 60s.  Today, trillions will never be redeemed. Discover Card set the stage for Cash Back in the 70s.  We all danced at the wedding and now cry about the bank fees that now make all rewards possible.  The Better Payments Bureau and G scores can offer awards for each new debit card or credit card purchase entered to win fundraising prizes and awards for causes that save lives sponsored by local banks at no cost or obligation. 

Get out and vote for politicians once per year.  Fundraise to make a big difference every day.  Feed children. Save Lives. Honor heroes.  Become fundraising volunteers, Fellows, and Ambassadors.  Makeover a Houston Astros Fan Club's Charity Mansion to make Houston stronger again, and again, and again!  

Anyfan club member can be a superhero!  Fan clubs promote unlimited film premiere underwriting receptions so volunteers experience a new but 42-year-old authority in authentic fundraising prize quality, demand, productivity, and popularity.  

Extreme Generosity

Serves Fan Club Ambassadors, Artists, Party Planners, And Chefs With Film Premiere

"Good Customer" Receptions, Local Treasure Hunts, Contests, And School Sweepstakes 


Most Generous Restaurants, Hotels, Professional Services,  E-commerce, Medical Sevices

Shops, Banks, Municipalities, Lawyers, Hospitals, Subscription Services
and, VIP Customers!

Local Schools, Charities, Sports Teams, destination cities, and big givers everywhere

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Aspiring Fan Club Members Serve Billion Dollar Advertisers


Embassy & Mansion Makeovers   Fellowships In Film And Hospitality   Charity Mansion Receptions

Zip Code School Sweepstakes   Film Premieres & Underwriting Receptions   2018 Generosity Awards

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Earned Cash, Respect, Lifelong Relationships, Priceless Film & Hospitality Experiences, 

Future Job Prospects, Prestigious Awards, Guest Recognition, Retirement Funds,

Scholarships, And Retirement Funds To Honor Personal Fundraising Achievements! 

All Contributions Are Paid To Donor Chosen Causes!


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Fan Clubs Produce Celebrity Themed Fundraising Receptions For Sponsors.  Film Makers Tell Family Stories About Capitalism, Celebrities, Brands, Personal Sponsors And Extreme Generosity!   Fan Clubs Collaborate To "Win" Hearts and Minds.