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This e-zine styled video-rich sample website and fundraising reality game is customized and controlled by each family fundraiser.  Chosen brands and ads feature family and brand developed slideshows, guest videos, invites, sponsor requests, family films, contests, private raffles, treasure hunts, prizes, gifts, charity mansions, makeovers, and endless fundraising incentives

All personal data is contained within each family-owned e-zine protected by each family's founders as they wish using G's resources.  All receptions standards, details, and practices must be disclosed properly based on each family's website design approved by the family's chosen brands.  A work in progress, all illustrated brands noted herein represent no responsibility for or participation in family receptions and prizes.  All brand requests are privately assigned to brand volunteers and employees to best inspire and approve each family's promotional website.  Honored brands and local sponsors are professionally invited by family members and guests to share luxury assets, brand recognition, and produce a more organized family appreciation platform.  Anything is possible and encouraged but must be well-documented and approved.  Family designed films are paid royalties for commercial use rights and win GenerUosity Awards. 

Sponsors agree all parties support a mutual non-disruption, NDA, and non-compete agreements to serve each family's participating sponsors and approve public communications. G's local advisory boards, families, volunteers, and sponsors are not responsible for each reception's features.  Each family owns the reception and must protect mansion venues with general liability coverage.  Given these procedures, G reserve the right to postpone any reception at any time given unresolved guest disputes or an inability to competently or safely conduct the reception as agreed.  Any appearances or communications are solely the family's responsibility but once documented are managed by Smart Card Professionals.  Overall, invitations and obligations are consolidated and must be introduced by SCP to clear legal and public distribution rights.

Family and Guests:

are encouraged to repurpose family entertainment and local advertising budgets into contributions for chosen causes and each reception's entertainment and luxury upgrades.  Guests play G's games to raise the quality of their own experience and realize each family's fundraising objectives.  "Cost-free" private receptions are available for New Year's Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Halloween, Hannaka, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, July 4th, and most weekends.  Volunteers and advisory board members can all design bids to best serve approved families, causes, and sponsors.

Brands can choose:

to fully underwrite receptions and donate directly to non-profits during our auctions online or during local underwriting receptions to improve a family's fundraising efforts well before their family-owned fundraisers.  This year's underwriting auctions allow brands to select families willing to design a bid to begin the funding of each family's fundraising reception.  All bid winning families can be supported by family, friends, film premieres, fashion shows, luxury test drives, and themed weekend brunch auctions to raise funds for brand-sponsored receptions.  Mansion makeover owners get their own reception budgets, donation recognition, professional makeovers, G club owner privileges, and family offered invitations to any reception anywhere.  Mansions for sale receive creative films and staging for press releases to promote the property's availability featuring celebrity guest recorded complimentary mansion tours.  Mansions will be professionally promoted to dramatically serve owners to best publicize GenerUosity and make budgets bigger.  All service personnel is tipped to ensure the highest level of service and deducted from each family's approved budgets.  All stakeholders are never required to contribute but may to be personally recognized.

Bid registration is free, without obligation, fully refundable, and democratically governed by certified payment professionals.  Any family can legally fundraise, honor brands, and celebrate local sponsors with or without detailed permission.  Private invite-only family-owned fundraisers are a staple of democracy, social media, honored brands, local sponsors, and should be organized for U by GenerUosity's top professionals.  Every act of GenerUosity is collected via any mobile phone to win bigger family budgets.   Grant bid registrations are available 24/7/365 to begin to represented honored brands and banks with G's professionals.  New Year's Eve GenerUosity publishes all the family winners with draft numbers for their favorite mansion venue, underwriting plan, and features.  Contests abound this fall as we crown this year's most endearing and productive family-owned underwriting receptions and films.  !00% of all family proceeds and G's profits get to family approved causes.

Honored brands have no costs, risk or obligation to sponsor anything.  They are welcome to do so to upgrade family budgets with their own terms and conditions.  Only family budgets that exceed $30k can win honored brand recognition but may be combined with other families our meet our minimum quality standards for films and upgrades.  Ask us how to get represented and share bids and sponsors for a higher level of luxury asset sharing and near zero marginal costs.   Sponsors should be ready for distinguished duty with The World's Most Generous...

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White House, Embassy, and Charity Mansion Makeovers

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The GenerUosity Award Nominees Are...

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The GenerUosity Award Nominees Are...

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The GenerUosity Award Nominees Are...

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Inspire - Collaborate - Design - Fundraise - Celebrate - Win

*All Brands Noted Do Not Represent Program Participation But Can Be Honored For Free And Sponsor Upgrades For Receptions

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The GenerUosity Award Nominees Are...

The GenerUosity Award Nominees Are...

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